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Traditional Fundraising Software
Web Based Fundraising Software
Having data in more than one place increases chances for duplicate and incorrect information, and creates more work to synchronize them.
Brings together all of your data, from contact information and renewal anniversaries to donation history and email communications in ONE place. Accessible from any computer here or abroad, you can analyze, manage and update your data in one easy-to-use system.
Poor email communication features of most contact management software force non-profits to pay for third-party email marketing tools which cannot 'talk' with your fundraising software to automatically update it with unsubscribes, bounce backs, or bad emails.
Includes integrated e-mail communication tools that create, send and track constituent emails, without having to export or import from one database to another.
Many communications that should be automated end up becoming huge time investments for staff.
Donation acknowledgements, membership renewal notices, and anniversary e-mail messages can all be handled automatically. With a simple-to-understand interface, you can set up automated emails, personalized and tailored to client profile.
Requires a hefty up-front installation cost plus yearly upgrade fees to keep it current. Added to this is the cost of running a server and data backups.
Upgraded free and automatically. Your data is stored securely online so you don't need a server or an elaborate backup system, just a regular internet browser to view and manage it all.
Your staff have to handle all the data to be stored.
Giving constituents the self-service to update their profile and make donations online with robust login privileges (that you control) contact information conveniently and make regular pledge payments and other contributions. You saves time and your records are more accurate because they are updated by your constituents.
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